Monday, 29 November 2010

Breaking Out

So long time no post, working a lot of the time, but did have a few mishaps to be very careful with the tennis as blatant fixes still abound, cant remember the match now but I need to concentrate more, when a player is one set down but he is still the 1.3 fave!!! the writings on the wall...

Trading the horses has been the most profitable, smallish trades adding up and have recentley discovered an automated back to lay system on Fairbot, where I can put a back of say 700/1 and a lay of 30/1, this happens a lot in the tail end of races and if I can be quick on the green up button this would be sweet!

Football trading seems a lot of work, but have had some success, but think I will make my own way now rather than pay a subscription...

Have to mention the tv show Breaking Bad, abs amazing show and I have watched all 3 seasons in the last few weeks, its actually surpassed my faves 24 and Dexter with Seasons 2 and 3 having such brilliant twists and turns, you really never know whats coming next. Shocked that this hasnt had a good showing on the multitude of channels over here, buy it on Dvd or download asap imo!!!

Lots of snow here and one thing to say to about global warming and all the new green taxes on flights etc...LIB LAB CON!!!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Footy Season

The Us Open turned into a small profit overall, my big green on Wozniacki failed as she flopped in the semis, was quite a shock! and my big greens in the mens both lost in the quaters, leading to a small win on Nadal.

Seem to have a bit of a wall at the horse trading, cant seem to make much pre race anymore, has it got tougher or am I doing something wrong...dunno. Obv lumping on or laying is still there, but would prefer to trade pre race if possible.

Have turned my attention to football as the season picks up pace, so many matches most days, so to get competent at football trading would be aok.

Having read a trading football service at I decided to join and looks good so far, I tried one of the ideas on the Doncaster v Leeds match, oh dear 0-0 which is never much good for trading, and the quality of the football was terrible, they should both be back in York Citys league!!!

One of the best things is the Webinar and the trading chat rooms, lots to learn!

Monday, 30 August 2010

The US Open 2010

Start of the US Open today, looking forward to some good tennis and have got involved pre tourney with quite a few players to get the decent odds hopefully...

Am on Djokovic, Berdych, Roddick, Nalbandian, Davydenko, Fish, Baghdatis (Horner), Querrey, Verdasco, Gasquet, Ferrer and Kohlschreiber, big odds and small amounts and will trade through the the Womens im on Wozniacki, Clijsters, Zvonareva, William and Pennetta.

Horner smashed me at tennis, 2-6, 2-6, 0-6. ooof! best hes played but I seem to have gone downhill over the last couple of weeks, managed a win vs Sniper though, 6-4, 3-6, 6-0. Snipes tried destroying another racket but the racket

Played some Poker in the last week and brutal both times, came 30/2000+ on Poker Stars...$70, $7k+ loses to q10 for the mini world, and last night on Betfair after 7 hrs and been in the top 5 for the last 2 hours, came 9th for $300...$3k+ up top. Play great all tourney then big blinds and luck kicks in when playing the bigger $$$...ugh!!!!

Watched Hatchet and I Love You Phillip Morris, pfft Hatchet poor horror, and the latter is a gay comedy starring Jim Carrey and Ewan Mcgregor! can see why this has not yet been released in the Usa, I had to look away at some bits...enough said!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Amazing Scenes

Laptop is virused up, wiped it back to factory settings but still playing up...thats what I normally blog on, a bit of trading between the work...a nice £45 made laying Murray in play after he won the first set.

An amazing turn around last night when Roddick was 1.01 when 1 set and 5-2 up, lol Fish came back and won it, I was in the Red on this backing Fish and took a small green, obv could have been much bigger, but I should just be thankful for the fight back as Fish looked battered and out if it!

A lot of blogs not been updated or finished recentley so have updated the links, more lazy than me!

In more amazing scenes I actually watched and enjoyed a British tv show...Vexed, in the vein of 80s Usa shows Sledge Hammer and Moonlighting and not the type of show the BBC would normally make, a good laugh but only 3 episodes made so far, wtf?

Got schooled by Horneris at tennis, 5-7 0-6 4-6, but managed a win vs Sniper yesterday 8-6 6-2 (after a loss to him last week).

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Summer Weekend

Not much of a summer lately, jumper on yesterday...but at least have managed to get some tennis in, played Sniper today 6-1, 6-4, second set was tough, and he should have punished my errors.

Fit a bit of trading in since Friday evening, but the holiday cover carrys on at work for a while...

Lots of tennis around and the Womens game keeps its unpredictable stance, today in a final with Vesnina v Pavlyuchenkova it was 6-1 and 4-0 to Ves lol Pav won! glad I was on my way to tennis and had greened out! the Mens game is much more about form and not these constant swings I see in the Womens game, but obv there are more profits to be made in the Womens because of this...

Watched Book Of Eli, great stuff, with a twist I didn't realise till after and read some comments on Imdb...;)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Mostly Horses

Not many tennis trades this evening, and some missed chances, Davydenko started at 1.2 and I layed him then greened at 1.4 as he was expected to win...sigh those odds kept rising! would have been easy monies...

Carefully laying the faves after hours of study seems to be paying off (think donkey pinata), its just laying no backing.

Got holidays to cover in my part time job over the next few weeks, so not as much trading...

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Ran well on the Tennis trades, and enjoyed a couple of the Tennis finals on Sunday...though the break of the womens serve is far too easy most of the time. Should have better results on the Horse trades, but while I was trading two tennis matches and watching both on the Betfair streams, I forgot about a lay of a horse I had put in...oops there goes £50.

So in a good week, there's still lessons to be learnt, ie. dont trade too much at once and make sure you have full concetration. Still its another green (if only the green colour would appear, and you cant beat 55p profit at golf.

Thanks to Andy for the screen capture link.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Friday Profit

Now i've got Bet On The Move app on my Htc Desire all is good, can do the trades anywhere...and a good day it was...

Greened up on the golf, took profit on Rory and laid Woods for a bit, but that small profit is for another day...hopefully can keep these figures going.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thursday Evening

At work during the day, put a shift in at trading in the evening...enjoyed the Rezai match, one fit bit aswell!

Trading pretty solid this last week and enjoy the trading the tennis the most because I actually like playing and watching must be a bit of a pain for traders who dont actually like watching the sports...

Got a few quid on Rory McIlroy before the start of the Open, and hes in the lead...cant see Woods winning it and might lay him off tomorrow.

Dont know where the post option to edit text colour has gone, cant green the P&L up anymore...I miss the green...;(

Total P&L: £78.34

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Solid Day

Started the day off with a game of Tennis against Sniper, the fellow blogger...turned out to be one of the best games we've had for a while, but alas Sniper felt ill in the second set due to it ended up 6-4, 5-4 (ret), he was actually 4-1 up in the 2nd set! get them crisps down ya pre game m8!

Settled down to a days trading and it went nicely...picked off a few tennis games in the day, there were loads about as lots of lower tier comps were starting off, I try to only trade the ones with pictures after getting stung by a player retiring injured a bit back...all pretty straight forward and not much match fixing today...;)

Did a bit of my new TAZ system on the horses, this is just a trial period at the minute though...

Have also got a betfair program on my Htc Desire phone now so can get cracking on laying the donkeys while im out...

Todays trades on the left.

Total P&L: £135.45

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Last 7 Days

Ahh well the Spanish made it, still not that impressed with the team as a whole...scraping too many 1-0 results and pretty boring a lot of the time, took a small loss on Germany in the 20th minute as I could see they were not playing like the other games, laid 0-0 a bit later and made a profit on the game.

Have had a good week, obv the Wimbledon result has helped, done ok on the horses but could have been so much better if a couple of lays had actually lost...;). Its quite funny when the experts go into so much detail about form, the course, trainer etc...then the outsider donkey romps home as usual, its not technical its a few beasts running in a field with some small fellas sat on em...lolz.

I enjoy the tennis the most, and been new to this, didn't realise how many comps there actually always some trading available...though you have to be careful as the underdog often wins in these lower tier comps.

Total P&L: £595.95 (last 7 days)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ty Berdy

Greened a bit more off onto Nadal from Berdych pre match today, and took home the £190 green on Nadal. Had quite a good day on little bits of racing aswell. Enjoyed the wimbledon trading and look forward to the next grand slam.

World Cup wise i've laid off Spain and am looking to green up on Germany, I love Spain and its people, but now its payback time for their loss vs Switzerland which cost me, oh and they look pretty toss most of the time!

Total P&L: £291.61

Friday, 2 July 2010

Back At It

Been doing ok recentley on the gee gee trading, with the odd football spoiling it again...;) backed Brazil for a bit today...I am super football bok! tennis has been going well and am going into Sundays final on a free roll, had Berdych for 350/1 for a few pound pre tourney, ty Berdy! but I cant see past Nadal...simply awesome and have greened quite a bit off to Nadal...

Murray never stood a chance and I told the world to lay Murray months ago, yeah he played pretty good...but thats him hitting his heights imo.

Played some doubles this week and have set up a massive grudge game for next Weds, with me and Super Rich taking on Brent "luckbox" Horner and Clint "leave it, its mine" Smith for the world (£10)

Should be good...

Total P&L: £115.98

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


LOST today...New Zealand equaliser cost me a bit...and then was sure Portugal match would have a few goals...laid 0-0, ahhhh.

Horse lays ran bad aswell, no wins at tennis and a complete tezza day...great game...

Total P&L: -£167.89

Monday, 14 June 2010

Slow Starts...

Two days in a row now the first few races hit me, again let them trade out to a loss when my lays won...wake up Mr Slow!

But then steadily won some of it back...but not all of it! £35 down on the race trading to remember to concentrate and think about what im doing. Football has been going ok with a few more greens on the correct score trades...

Yet more dull games today in the World Cup, what a let down so far...I love my footy but where are the end to end thrillers? hopefully its because they are the first games in the groups...but its got to be the lowest quality football overall I have ever seen in the World Cup and I remember back to the 1986 Mexico one...

Oh well at least its green I guess...

Total P&L: £12.93

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Dont Get Greedy!

Made the fatal mistake of getting greedy in my first two trades of the day both in the racing...was pretty sure a couple of outsiders had no chance...sure both won!! and I let them romp home without trading, took half an hour out, and came back determined to get back to winning ways, took a more small ball approach and it paid off...

I dont trade with massive stakes and looking at those figures, imagine if I was using 10 x my stake, now they could be very interesting times indeed!

Will have a trade on the Germany v Australia game tonight and put up the final figure for the day, hopefully we will actually get a good match as the World Cup so far has been a massive flop imo, lots of poor negative play and little talent on show...

9.30pm - Much more like it that game, and Germany looked very good...sigh...made £80 trading on the footy today overall, mostly on the correct score trading. Shame about the beginning of the racing today, but still a good day...

Total P&L: £189.93

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Won £25 in the Korea match but then lost some on the Argie game, laid 1-0 when they scored early...pftt of course they couldn't convert any more, seen articles about trading correct score, over and unders etc, seems streesful and hard to me, but maybe im just rubbish...;)

The horses made up most of the profit with a bit of tennis, not betting on the England game...will just try and enjoy in the pub...

Total P&L: £58.94

Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup Friday

One good game, one dull game...France deserve to come bottom after that performance! had bets on both games, and came out with £6.71! finding the football tough to trade on...but will crack on with the rest of the games, did well laying the horses today apart from one gremlin in the bunch when I lost £22 in one race...again I let it run when I should have got out, would have been a tonner day...:)

England match tomorrow, hopefully my doubts are proved wrong....but the same old Lampard/Terry/Gerrard/Piece Of Cole pants who have failed big time in the last few World Cups and Euros isnt giving me much hope, Joe Cole and Wayne Rooney are the vital players imo aswell as letting some of the lesser names have a go...oh and if Carrick starts I feel the Universe may combust...hes frikkin terrible.

Todays Result...Horse Racing/Tennis/Football

Total P&L: £84.40

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A Few On Wednesday

Traded a few evening races, but mostly 6 and 7f tonight so not my ideal stomping ground...started off with a loss, but then did ok in the rest...have subscribed to Fairbot for the year as I find its the best one out of the ones i've sampled. Still not got into the tennis again yet, hopefully soon...

Total P&L: £42.80

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tuesday Evening

Got disrupted for an hour in the evening meets, as the electric went off! got back on about 7.30pm and made a few nice trades, couple of small losses but generally green and ended up with a nice amount for a bit of evening work...found a few more blogs on the right, some of the tennis trading blog earnings are great, will have to crack on with some tennis trading next week as I have some time off...

Total P&L: £70.66

Monday, 7 June 2010

Work and Trading

Fit some trading in today in between work (7.30-5.00pm!) and playing football tonight, a £22 loss in the 9pm race stopped it from been a great day, but cant really moan if I get greens most days for pressing a few buttons...;)

Week of lousy weather so will probs miss my tennis game against the "Legend Of Horner" shame as the last match was a brilliant one...

Hopefully start getting involved in the tennis trading again but hard while at work...

Total P&L: £65.79

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tis Red

A losing day! got involved with laying/trading placings which turned out to be rubbish, should stick to what i've been doing...oh well red it is...

Total P&L: -£29.98

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Saturday Afternoon

Ha was going so well but I have learnt another rule in my early days of trading...stay away from in race trading on the 6f, it goes so quick! lost £15 in one race and £35 in my last race of the day both in 6f races....pfft...still came out with a profit but obv should have been better without the above.

Beer and barbecue for tonight, damn this figure should have been more! lol!

Edit - Just layed Corton Charlemagne in the 6.20 at Lingfield in a 6f...ha! but no in race trading, how on earth was this the fave pre race I have no idea, terrible recent record, press the lay button and to crack open a cold one!

Total P&L: £41.83

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Felt awful today...tired and drained, didn't hold much confidence in the evenings trading after tiring day at work but turned out ok...

Horse Racing - £36.52 - Soccer - £14.26 Total P&L: £50.78

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Warming up...

Had a good evening on the in race trading, over 16 races only had one loss...layed horses mostly in the top 4 faves, I use Sporting Life for the form and theres normally a horse on poor recent form out of the 4 and today it seemed to work again...

The faves keep losing in the Tennis and I lost in the Djokovic match, thankfully got out when I could have lost a lot more...and a ridic rain soaked friendly between Serbia and Poland...had layed the draw but got out as they would not have scored if the match had been 5 hours long, not sure about getting involved in these friendly games, they seem a bit dodgy...

Total P&L: £74.12

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tuesday 1st June

Lol cant think of titles all the time, so oh look its the date! did a little trading after work was going well but lost £11 in the last race when the fave came home in one of the ridic Irish fields, in race trading was the order of the day...also glad I got out of the Federer tennis match earlier today on my mobile, could have been expensive! as it was I didn't even win a pint...;)

Total P&L: £19.27

Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday

Had a cracking game of tennis today, as in real and actually outside..:) with fellow trader Brent Horner who is linked on the Total Available £0.00 blog...even though I lost 0-3 it was a great game...6-7 5-7 4-6, I was 5-1 up in the first set tie break and lost!!! I will return! lol.

Did some trading later on the Jankovic tennis game and lost a bit at racing, that £100 profit day from racing lower down in the blog seems a long way off, not sure what I did different that day.

Covering holidays at my part time job this week, so trading will be low, ah well today was another minor green...

Total P&L: £21.88

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hangover Trading

Felt awful today from last nights beers, but done ok today and been more sensible and disciplined, have added some decent blogs on the side bar and some good tips on various sports in some of them, I feel Tennis is going to be the strongest trading style for me and am looking forward to Wimbledon in July, and of course the World Cup coming soon...

Total P&L: £50.88

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Playing Around...

As I still have Fairbot on trial and am a gambling gimp, I had a few trades this evening, started well on the horses but have to concede defeat at the in game trading, even when looking at form they still seem to romp home and odds swing fast in the in race, too stressfull, too risky and too much of a gamble which trading should not be about...I dont know what happened on Saturday when I didnt lose in one race but it must have been some kind of fluke...

Tennis went well though with the small stakes, and seems to be the way forward, dont get out on both and collect your monies!

Total P&L: £25.50

Monday, 24 May 2010

They Think Its All Over...It Is Now

Well there we go, thats all I can stand's for now...could have took a nice green on Murray v Gasquet at 0-2, £30 on each, but got greedy and ended up losing £90+ on Murray, abs ridic, also forgot about a bet I had put on yest in the French Open...-£15, am obv just not ready for this yet, too greedy, not learning lessons...need to set some rules...etc...

Total P&L: -£97.60

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Meltdown In The Brain

Could have twice took a nice green, but got greedy both times then my outsider won, more lessons learnt...tilt withdrawn and abs fuming in this heat...I may or may not return...good blog Sledge!!!?!?!?!!?

Total P&L: -£110.00

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Saturdays Trading

Did quite a bit of trading today and was very good...not one loss in the races, pretty crazy!
Kept off Msn, Facebook et all and no poker, kept the concentration and was a nice result...with a little bit of football and tennis...

Total P&L: £157.75

Friday, 21 May 2010

21st May

These are going to be some original titles I tells ya!

Did a bit of horse in race trading tonight, made another big mistake on the new Fairbot software...I forgot I had an earlier bet still in play, didn't realise you had to delete them or they would be picked up with the odds swings, this cost me approx £60...nice one son.

This mistake was costly and ended up with this profit...

Total P&L: £29.13

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Trading Begins...

Oh hi der! thought I would start a blog to keep a record of my trading on Betfair, hopefully keep me grounded and also let me keep track of the blogs I read...Poker has been doing my head in for a long time now and the shadows of success I have seen at trading seems a much better enviroment for me, less hours, more freedom and less stress...

Have just recentley started using Fairbot, and seems like a winner to me...its best for using in race with Horses, but I will also dabble in the tennis and football. On a 15 day trial at the minute using Fairbot, but can see me signing up for full time use.

If your new to me blogging (Sledge Poker in the links on the right) you can see poker had started taking a step back, to me it just seems to be hours of ak v qq...lose, or when I have qq v ak...lose, whats that? "its just variance m8" "shove variance up your jacksee!".

The Sledge term from both blogs comes from a cult show i've followed since the 80s...cracking influential show called Sledge Hammer! A show far before its time, vastly underrated and funny as hell...

So here's todays results...

Football: £1.95 | Horse Racing: -£31.96 | Tennis: £6.24 | Tote: | Total P&L: -£23.77

Omg! what a day...need to concentrate more on the trading and get out if its going wrong, let one trade go too low then i was too slow to get out...and boom nearly a ton gone, thankfully got that back with this:

Messed a few small ones up aswell, but feel it was just a bad day at the office, work for next couple of days, so just the evening meets to come...