Sunday, 1 January 2012


Hope you all had a good Christmas and heres to a good new year for us all...back to work on Tuesday and the daily grind of the 8-5...

Was looking forward to the starts of the Darts Championship just before Christmas, but made a hash of the first day taking a £70 loss, then hit a couple of bad lays on the Horses chasing and withdrew my bank in anger. I am studying various systems, have purchased Mastering Betfair and am using the simulation on Fairbot, with it been a new year I am not depositing until I feel I have this trading fully cracked.

It may be next month, it may be later in the year, but the main thing is im going to be doing research and get this right, the horse trading is what I really need to crack and I dont mean gambling, proper trades like Mets does on his blog, so many races all year long, its a goldmine that I need to tap ;)

Seen some good films...Horrible Bosses, Warrior, A Lonley Place To Die, all good stuff...but we have another Drive for the most overrated arty piece of crap - Kill List - turns into some crazy Wicker Man spoof by the end lol!

Have to mention Dexter as how a show can fall so far, its turned into such a predictable piece of crap its shocking...Debs starting to fall for her as the Fonz one did, it jumped the shark!