Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Deposited last week and the research has paid off so far, no more lumping on a female tennis player at 1.9s just because they are a game up and are quite fit, the laying of them early in matches is the strategy paying off. Loads of tennis around at the minute and am fitting some trading in after work and on days off...

The premier league of darts started last week, made a few quid and was great to watch as Phil Taylor made a 9 darter live on Sky...

Have thrown a few quid at the horse trading and still not comfortable with that, im first in line for those vids Mets! ;)

Looking forward to actually playing some tennis as winter finally moves on (hopefully!). Ok heres the weeks trading...


  1. Great work mate, you gonna have to gimme some tennis trading tips ;-)

  2. Cheers m8, lay the women at lay odds...big time ;)

  3. Ha ha, when I've got off my lazy ass and finished them, you'll be the first to know Sledge!

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