Friday, 18 November 2011

Darts Update!

Late in tonight but have caught the first few dart matches ^^^

What a brilliant run I have been on, I am terrible at playing Darts...not too bad at trading it, although a big blow up will no doubt be on the horizon...

Cheers for your support Sniper, hope all is going well...time for our yearly christmas Selbyathon soon...:)

Here is the last few days, looks nice! yes I am singing when I am

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Have been looking at other sports recentley as the Tennis has just about finished now, with just the finals at the O2 starting on Sunday which should be good...

Still looking at pre race trading but cant seem to get much going, I think im following a swing then it goes the other! I see the big money coming in but then the odds seem to fly out, hmmm will have to hurry up Mets and get him running a course, must be great to be consistent at pre race trading.

Last night was bored watching the England match (this team are going nowhere, the worst England squad in living memory...oh wow they have won two friendly matches 1-0), and flicked over to the Darts, i've traded Darts before a little bit and gave it another go, aswell as making some nice profits, I really enjoyed the matches with some varied and colourful characters, will be giving it another go tonight!

You have to be fast trading darts, especially in the best of 5 legs matches like these, and its best to get out before the deciding leg if its close as a player can go from 1.8 to 1.01 in seconds...