Tuesday, 15 June 2010


LOST today...New Zealand equaliser cost me a bit...and then was sure Portugal match would have a few goals...laid 0-0, ahhhh.

Horse lays ran bad aswell, no wins at tennis and a complete tezza day...great game...

Total P&L: -£167.89

Monday, 14 June 2010

Slow Starts...

Two days in a row now the first few races hit me, again let them trade out to a loss when my lays won...wake up Mr Slow!

But then steadily won some of it back...but not all of it! £35 down on the race trading today...got to remember to concentrate and think about what im doing. Football has been going ok with a few more greens on the correct score trades...

Yet more dull games today in the World Cup, what a let down so far...I love my footy but where are the end to end thrillers? hopefully its because they are the first games in the groups...but its got to be the lowest quality football overall I have ever seen in the World Cup and I remember back to the 1986 Mexico one...

Oh well at least its green I guess...

Total P&L: £12.93

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Dont Get Greedy!

Made the fatal mistake of getting greedy in my first two trades of the day both in the racing...was pretty sure a couple of outsiders had no chance...sure both won!! and I let them romp home without trading, took half an hour out, and came back determined to get back to winning ways, took a more small ball approach and it paid off...

I dont trade with massive stakes and looking at those figures, imagine if I was using 10 x my stake, now they could be very interesting times indeed!

Will have a trade on the Germany v Australia game tonight and put up the final figure for the day, hopefully we will actually get a good match as the World Cup so far has been a massive flop imo, lots of poor negative play and little talent on show...

9.30pm - Much more like it that game, and Germany looked very good...sigh...made £80 trading on the footy today overall, mostly on the correct score trading. Shame about the beginning of the racing today, but still a good day...

Total P&L: £189.93

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Won £25 in the Korea match but then lost some on the Argie game, laid 1-0 when they scored early...pftt of course they couldn't convert any more, seen articles about trading correct score, over and unders etc, seems streesful and hard to me, but maybe im just rubbish...;)

The horses made up most of the profit with a bit of tennis, not betting on the England game...will just try and enjoy in the pub...

Total P&L: £58.94

Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup Friday

One good game, one dull game...France deserve to come bottom after that performance! had bets on both games, and came out with £6.71 profit...lol! finding the football tough to trade on...but will crack on with the rest of the games, did well laying the horses today apart from one gremlin in the bunch when I lost £22 in one race...again I let it run when I should have got out, would have been a tonner day...:)

England match tomorrow, hopefully my doubts are proved wrong....but the same old Lampard/Terry/Gerrard/Piece Of Cole pants who have failed big time in the last few World Cups and Euros isnt giving me much hope, Joe Cole and Wayne Rooney are the vital players imo aswell as letting some of the lesser names have a go...oh and if Carrick starts I feel the Universe may combust...hes frikkin terrible.

Todays Result...Horse Racing/Tennis/Football

Total P&L: £84.40

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A Few On Wednesday

Traded a few evening races, but mostly 6 and 7f tonight so not my ideal stomping ground...started off with a loss, but then did ok in the rest...have subscribed to Fairbot for the year as I find its the best one out of the ones i've sampled. Still not got into the tennis again yet, hopefully soon...

Total P&L: £42.80

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tuesday Evening

Got disrupted for an hour in the evening meets, as the electric went off! got back on about 7.30pm and made a few nice trades, couple of small losses but generally green and ended up with a nice amount for a bit of evening work...found a few more blogs on the right, some of the tennis trading blog earnings are great, will have to crack on with some tennis trading next week as I have some time off...

Total P&L: £70.66

Monday, 7 June 2010

Work and Trading

Fit some trading in today in between work (7.30-5.00pm!) and playing football tonight, a £22 loss in the 9pm race stopped it from been a great day, but cant really moan if I get greens most days for pressing a few buttons...;)

Week of lousy weather so will probs miss my tennis game against the "Legend Of Horner" shame as the last match was a brilliant one...

Hopefully start getting involved in the tennis trading again but hard while at work...

Total P&L: £65.79

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tis Red

A losing day! got involved with laying/trading placings which turned out to be rubbish, should stick to what i've been doing...oh well red it is...

Total P&L: -£29.98

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Saturday Afternoon

Ha was going so well but I have learnt another rule in my early days of trading...stay away from in race trading on the 6f, it goes so quick! lost £15 in one race and £35 in my last race of the day both in 6f races....pfft...still came out with a profit but obv should have been better without the above.

Beer and barbecue for tonight, damn this figure should have been more! lol!

Edit - Just layed Corton Charlemagne in the 6.20 at Lingfield in a 6f...ha! but no in race trading, how on earth was this the fave pre race I have no idea, terrible recent record, press the lay button and win...cheers...now to crack open a cold one!

Total P&L: £41.83

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Felt awful today...tired and drained, didn't hold much confidence in the evenings trading after tiring day at work but turned out ok...

Horse Racing - £36.52 - Soccer - £14.26 Total P&L: £50.78

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Warming up...

Had a good evening on the in race trading, over 16 races only had one loss...layed horses mostly in the top 4 faves, I use Sporting Life for the form and theres normally a horse on poor recent form out of the 4 and today it seemed to work again...

The faves keep losing in the Tennis and I lost in the Djokovic match, thankfully got out when I could have lost a lot more...and a ridic rain soaked friendly between Serbia and Poland...had layed the draw but got out as they would not have scored if the match had been 5 hours long, not sure about getting involved in these friendly games, they seem a bit dodgy...

Total P&L: £74.12

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tuesday 1st June

Lol cant think of titles all the time, so oh look its the date! did a little trading after work today...racing was going well but lost £11 in the last race when the fave came home in one of the ridic Irish fields, in race trading was the order of the day...also glad I got out of the Federer tennis match earlier today on my mobile, could have been expensive! as it was I didn't even win a pint...;)

Total P&L: £19.27