Thursday, 22 July 2010

Mostly Horses

Not many tennis trades this evening, and some missed chances, Davydenko started at 1.2 and I layed him then greened at 1.4 as he was expected to win...sigh those odds kept rising! would have been easy monies...

Carefully laying the faves after hours of study seems to be paying off (think donkey pinata), its just laying no backing.

Got holidays to cover in my part time job over the next few weeks, so not as much trading...

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Ran well on the Tennis trades, and enjoyed a couple of the Tennis finals on Sunday...though the break of the womens serve is far too easy most of the time. Should have better results on the Horse trades, but while I was trading two tennis matches and watching both on the Betfair streams, I forgot about a lay of a horse I had put in...oops there goes £50.

So in a good week, there's still lessons to be learnt, ie. dont trade too much at once and make sure you have full concetration. Still its another green (if only the green colour would appear, and you cant beat 55p profit at golf.

Thanks to Andy for the screen capture link.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Friday Profit

Now i've got Bet On The Move app on my Htc Desire all is good, can do the trades anywhere...and a good day it was...

Greened up on the golf, took profit on Rory and laid Woods for a bit, but that small profit is for another day...hopefully can keep these figures going.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thursday Evening

At work during the day, put a shift in at trading in the evening...enjoyed the Rezai match, one fit bit aswell!

Trading pretty solid this last week and enjoy the trading the tennis the most because I actually like playing and watching must be a bit of a pain for traders who dont actually like watching the sports...

Got a few quid on Rory McIlroy before the start of the Open, and hes in the lead...cant see Woods winning it and might lay him off tomorrow.

Dont know where the post option to edit text colour has gone, cant green the P&L up anymore...I miss the green...;(

Total P&L: £78.34

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Solid Day

Started the day off with a game of Tennis against Sniper, the fellow blogger...turned out to be one of the best games we've had for a while, but alas Sniper felt ill in the second set due to it ended up 6-4, 5-4 (ret), he was actually 4-1 up in the 2nd set! get them crisps down ya pre game m8!

Settled down to a days trading and it went nicely...picked off a few tennis games in the day, there were loads about as lots of lower tier comps were starting off, I try to only trade the ones with pictures after getting stung by a player retiring injured a bit back...all pretty straight forward and not much match fixing today...;)

Did a bit of my new TAZ system on the horses, this is just a trial period at the minute though...

Have also got a betfair program on my Htc Desire phone now so can get cracking on laying the donkeys while im out...

Todays trades on the left.

Total P&L: £135.45

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Last 7 Days

Ahh well the Spanish made it, still not that impressed with the team as a whole...scraping too many 1-0 results and pretty boring a lot of the time, took a small loss on Germany in the 20th minute as I could see they were not playing like the other games, laid 0-0 a bit later and made a profit on the game.

Have had a good week, obv the Wimbledon result has helped, done ok on the horses but could have been so much better if a couple of lays had actually lost...;). Its quite funny when the experts go into so much detail about form, the course, trainer etc...then the outsider donkey romps home as usual, its not technical its a few beasts running in a field with some small fellas sat on em...lolz.

I enjoy the tennis the most, and been new to this, didn't realise how many comps there actually always some trading available...though you have to be careful as the underdog often wins in these lower tier comps.

Total P&L: £595.95 (last 7 days)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ty Berdy

Greened a bit more off onto Nadal from Berdych pre match today, and took home the £190 green on Nadal. Had quite a good day on little bits of racing aswell. Enjoyed the wimbledon trading and look forward to the next grand slam.

World Cup wise i've laid off Spain and am looking to green up on Germany, I love Spain and its people, but now its payback time for their loss vs Switzerland which cost me, oh and they look pretty toss most of the time!

Total P&L: £291.61

Friday, 2 July 2010

Back At It

Been doing ok recentley on the gee gee trading, with the odd football spoiling it again...;) backed Brazil for a bit today...I am super football bok! tennis has been going well and am going into Sundays final on a free roll, had Berdych for 350/1 for a few pound pre tourney, ty Berdy! but I cant see past Nadal...simply awesome and have greened quite a bit off to Nadal...

Murray never stood a chance and I told the world to lay Murray months ago, yeah he played pretty good...but thats him hitting his heights imo.

Played some doubles this week and have set up a massive grudge game for next Weds, with me and Super Rich taking on Brent "luckbox" Horner and Clint "leave it, its mine" Smith for the world (£10)

Should be good...

Total P&L: £115.98