Friday, 2 July 2010

Back At It

Been doing ok recentley on the gee gee trading, with the odd football spoiling it again...;) backed Brazil for a bit today...I am super football bok! tennis has been going well and am going into Sundays final on a free roll, had Berdych for 350/1 for a few pound pre tourney, ty Berdy! but I cant see past Nadal...simply awesome and have greened quite a bit off to Nadal...

Murray never stood a chance and I told the world to lay Murray months ago, yeah he played pretty good...but thats him hitting his heights imo.

Played some doubles this week and have set up a massive grudge game for next Weds, with me and Super Rich taking on Brent "luckbox" Horner and Clint "leave it, its mine" Smith for the world (£10)

Should be good...

Total P&L: £115.98

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