Monday, 30 August 2010

The US Open 2010

Start of the US Open today, looking forward to some good tennis and have got involved pre tourney with quite a few players to get the decent odds hopefully...

Am on Djokovic, Berdych, Roddick, Nalbandian, Davydenko, Fish, Baghdatis (Horner), Querrey, Verdasco, Gasquet, Ferrer and Kohlschreiber, big odds and small amounts and will trade through the the Womens im on Wozniacki, Clijsters, Zvonareva, William and Pennetta.

Horner smashed me at tennis, 2-6, 2-6, 0-6. ooof! best hes played but I seem to have gone downhill over the last couple of weeks, managed a win vs Sniper though, 6-4, 3-6, 6-0. Snipes tried destroying another racket but the racket

Played some Poker in the last week and brutal both times, came 30/2000+ on Poker Stars...$70, $7k+ loses to q10 for the mini world, and last night on Betfair after 7 hrs and been in the top 5 for the last 2 hours, came 9th for $300...$3k+ up top. Play great all tourney then big blinds and luck kicks in when playing the bigger $$$...ugh!!!!

Watched Hatchet and I Love You Phillip Morris, pfft Hatchet poor horror, and the latter is a gay comedy starring Jim Carrey and Ewan Mcgregor! can see why this has not yet been released in the Usa, I had to look away at some bits...enough said!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Amazing Scenes

Laptop is virused up, wiped it back to factory settings but still playing up...thats what I normally blog on, a bit of trading between the work...a nice £45 made laying Murray in play after he won the first set.

An amazing turn around last night when Roddick was 1.01 when 1 set and 5-2 up, lol Fish came back and won it, I was in the Red on this backing Fish and took a small green, obv could have been much bigger, but I should just be thankful for the fight back as Fish looked battered and out if it!

A lot of blogs not been updated or finished recentley so have updated the links, more lazy than me!

In more amazing scenes I actually watched and enjoyed a British tv show...Vexed, in the vein of 80s Usa shows Sledge Hammer and Moonlighting and not the type of show the BBC would normally make, a good laugh but only 3 episodes made so far, wtf?

Got schooled by Horneris at tennis, 5-7 0-6 4-6, but managed a win vs Sniper yesterday 8-6 6-2 (after a loss to him last week).

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Summer Weekend

Not much of a summer lately, jumper on yesterday...but at least have managed to get some tennis in, played Sniper today 6-1, 6-4, second set was tough, and he should have punished my errors.

Fit a bit of trading in since Friday evening, but the holiday cover carrys on at work for a while...

Lots of tennis around and the Womens game keeps its unpredictable stance, today in a final with Vesnina v Pavlyuchenkova it was 6-1 and 4-0 to Ves lol Pav won! glad I was on my way to tennis and had greened out! the Mens game is much more about form and not these constant swings I see in the Womens game, but obv there are more profits to be made in the Womens because of this...

Watched Book Of Eli, great stuff, with a twist I didn't realise till after and read some comments on Imdb...;)