Sunday, 22 August 2010

Amazing Scenes

Laptop is virused up, wiped it back to factory settings but still playing up...thats what I normally blog on, a bit of trading between the work...a nice £45 made laying Murray in play after he won the first set.

An amazing turn around last night when Roddick was 1.01 when 1 set and 5-2 up, lol Fish came back and won it, I was in the Red on this backing Fish and took a small green, obv could have been much bigger, but I should just be thankful for the fight back as Fish looked battered and out if it!

A lot of blogs not been updated or finished recentley so have updated the links, more lazy than me!

In more amazing scenes I actually watched and enjoyed a British tv show...Vexed, in the vein of 80s Usa shows Sledge Hammer and Moonlighting and not the type of show the BBC would normally make, a good laugh but only 3 episodes made so far, wtf?

Got schooled by Horneris at tennis, 5-7 0-6 4-6, but managed a win vs Sniper yesterday 8-6 6-2 (after a loss to him last week).

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