Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday

Had a cracking game of tennis today, as in real and actually outside..:) with fellow trader Brent Horner who is linked on the Total Available £0.00 blog...even though I lost 0-3 it was a great game...6-7 5-7 4-6, I was 5-1 up in the first set tie break and lost!!! I will return! lol.

Did some trading later on the Jankovic tennis game and lost a bit at racing, that £100 profit day from racing lower down in the blog seems a long way off, not sure what I did different that day.

Covering holidays at my part time job this week, so trading will be low, ah well today was another minor green...

Total P&L: £21.88

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hangover Trading

Felt awful today from last nights beers, but done ok today and been more sensible and disciplined, have added some decent blogs on the side bar and some good tips on various sports in some of them, I feel Tennis is going to be the strongest trading style for me and am looking forward to Wimbledon in July, and of course the World Cup coming soon...

Total P&L: £50.88

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Playing Around...

As I still have Fairbot on trial and am a gambling gimp, I had a few trades this evening, started well on the horses but have to concede defeat at the in game trading, even when looking at form they still seem to romp home and odds swing fast in the in race, too stressfull, too risky and too much of a gamble which trading should not be about...I dont know what happened on Saturday when I didnt lose in one race but it must have been some kind of fluke...

Tennis went well though with the small stakes, and seems to be the way forward, dont get out on both and collect your monies!

Total P&L: £25.50

Monday, 24 May 2010

They Think Its All Over...It Is Now

Well there we go, thats all I can stand's for now...could have took a nice green on Murray v Gasquet at 0-2, £30 on each, but got greedy and ended up losing £90+ on Murray, abs ridic, also forgot about a bet I had put on yest in the French Open...-£15, am obv just not ready for this yet, too greedy, not learning lessons...need to set some rules...etc...

Total P&L: -£97.60

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Meltdown In The Brain

Could have twice took a nice green, but got greedy both times then my outsider won, more lessons learnt...tilt withdrawn and abs fuming in this heat...I may or may not return...good blog Sledge!!!?!?!?!!?

Total P&L: -£110.00

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Saturdays Trading

Did quite a bit of trading today and was very good...not one loss in the races, pretty crazy!
Kept off Msn, Facebook et all and no poker, kept the concentration and was a nice result...with a little bit of football and tennis...

Total P&L: £157.75

Friday, 21 May 2010

21st May

These are going to be some original titles I tells ya!

Did a bit of horse in race trading tonight, made another big mistake on the new Fairbot software...I forgot I had an earlier bet still in play, didn't realise you had to delete them or they would be picked up with the odds swings, this cost me approx £60...nice one son.

This mistake was costly and ended up with this profit...

Total P&L: £29.13

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Trading Begins...

Oh hi der! thought I would start a blog to keep a record of my trading on Betfair, hopefully keep me grounded and also let me keep track of the blogs I read...Poker has been doing my head in for a long time now and the shadows of success I have seen at trading seems a much better enviroment for me, less hours, more freedom and less stress...

Have just recentley started using Fairbot, and seems like a winner to me...its best for using in race with Horses, but I will also dabble in the tennis and football. On a 15 day trial at the minute using Fairbot, but can see me signing up for full time use.

If your new to me blogging (Sledge Poker in the links on the right) you can see poker had started taking a step back, to me it just seems to be hours of ak v qq...lose, or when I have qq v ak...lose, whats that? "its just variance m8" "shove variance up your jacksee!".

The Sledge term from both blogs comes from a cult show i've followed since the 80s...cracking influential show called Sledge Hammer! A show far before its time, vastly underrated and funny as hell...

So here's todays results...

Football: £1.95 | Horse Racing: -£31.96 | Tennis: £6.24 | Tote: | Total P&L: -£23.77

Omg! what a day...need to concentrate more on the trading and get out if its going wrong, let one trade go too low then i was too slow to get out...and boom nearly a ton gone, thankfully got that back with this:

Messed a few small ones up aswell, but feel it was just a bad day at the office, work for next couple of days, so just the evening meets to come...