Sunday, 11 November 2012

Atp World Tour Finals 2012

Have been enjoying the end of season Mens tournament and expecting two cracking semi finals today...hard to say who will take the crown, but I think Murray has a very good chance, only sour note was Tipsfixavic been there...he makes a mockery of tennis imo and is 100% only in it for the money, pretty sure he wont make it next year and a more worthy player will get a chance...

Some steady trading this week and some exciting times on the horizon thanks to my ol buddy Sniper, hopefully all goes to plan...

Got to mention Dexter again, it had been a cracking season up until the last 5 mins when the writers had Dex regenerating Christmas lights and a snow machine (hes an electrical engineer aswell...) and then decided to turn it into a Mills And Boon love story yet again, totally out of character and a bottle job...

Ok off to smack some Sunday morning tennis balls...

* Lost 1-6 4-6 ooof hangover tennis no good, radar was way off, top consistent serving from Sniper...


  1. Cheers Mate, yeah you dont play so well hungover ;)

  2. aiii wp, mentally shot aswell lol...

  3. Sniper couldn't serve a drink. I get your point about Dexter but the bird (Sarah out of Chuck) is amazing!!!

  4. Lol hes got a lot better Mr Horneris! Yeah shes a fit un, and this season had been awesome, but just watched the latest...oh nos its back to been a dull soap!

  5. oioi Sledge bk blogging i see ;) The Walking Dead is the best thing on atm ainec. Fkin mid season break thou reiohsogiwhansiosfd

  6. Heyyy now then m8, been blogging this a while<<<trading sports imo! couple of tick movements easy money with your poker roll!

    Hmm may have to try The Walking Dead again, I gave up when it turned into a moaning soap opera in season 2...

  7. Hello. I couldn't find any contact on your page, so I'm writing you here - I hope you'll read it.

    I have just recently opened my new page - it's on and I have already added you in my links page. Could you add me as well?


  8. Yep added m8, gl for the new season...