Sunday, 3 April 2011

Nadal V Djokovic

Miami - Nadal v Djokovic - £45 GREEN

What a cracking match that was! Got out mid way through the 2nd set, and could then sit and marvel at the quality of Tennis. The trade was a back of Nadal early on, green up...and then back Djoko at the start of the 2nd set as he had got into his groove near the end of the 1st even though he had lost it. Again greened up after he broke Nadal...if only all tennis trades were as nice and simple as this! (unlike my mess of the Wozniacki match last week - RED!)

Been playing around with the ladders pre horse race and may be making progress on that front, seeing some regular patterns emerge that could be of use.

Lost to Horneris at tennis, i lost a set point though after coming back from 0-4..sigh! in my other match I took down the Sniper...

Watched The Other Guys which was good for a laugh, never knew that Mark Wahlberg went to prison for racist violence and blinded a Vietnamese man in the attack, never really liked the fella! Lol at this film title Hobo With A Shotgun!


  1. Nice Green mate any pics of ur trades? , and on the tennis front , once i get fit ( maybe never ) then i can compete more , but u play well mate..Think how badly Raymer wud own me !! ;-()

  2. Cheers Mr MadGambler, played Horneris today...0-6, 6-1, 2-6, 3-6...

    Lol at first set, there was actually a lot of deuces and was playing ok, burnt out in the end after doing well in the 2nd, then again I am 28 years older than the kid...;)

  3. Hey but you WON a set 6-1..VWD , better than what i would ever do imo...