Thursday, 24 March 2011

We Have Light!

Finally spring/summer seems to be here, has felt like the longest winter to play some tennis today (will obv lose as I am against Yorkshire's no.1 player, Chief Horneris), there is one big downside to this change of seasons though, the light mornings which now includes pigeons making a racket from 5am, really doing my head in!

Tennis still going well on the trading front, bit poor with no live footage in the early rounds of Indian Wells and Miami, especially when you get round 1 live streams from places like Outer Mongolia.

Still not got my head round pre horse race trading yet, I just cant seem to follow the swings, in race trading seems the way to go, but then this seems to have a high level of risk to it...need to stick at it I feel, as there are so many meetings every day all year...

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