Saturday, 7 April 2012

In The Jaws Of trading

Yup sometimes fells like im stuck in the Jaws of a trade...that happened recentley when I was determined something was going to happen when what I was watching was pretty obvious it wasnt going to happen. That is just stubborn gambling which is my last hurdle to get over.

 Nice win on Williams today when she battered Stosur, she must look around and think heck I could play till im 50 as the Wta tennis circuit is so weak at the moment, as i speak the other semi looks like its going to be 6-0 6-0 to an average player...crazy!

 Still keep taking one step forward and one step back at Horse trading, build up nice amounts with small trades then wipe that out with one greedy one...

 Loads of tennis to trade in the next couple of months just hope a lot of it will be televised as most of them are smaller tourneys, I think a lot will be on Espn so may subscribe to that.

 Lost to Sniper the other week at tennis but came back yesterday to win, hopefully have another match this week although the weather looks terrible so may just sit at the computer for 12 hours instead...