Sunday, 16 June 2013

Its Kind Of Summer...

Into the middle of June and I guess this is Summer, hmm well I hope it gets better! waiting for the Queens final at the moment between Murray and Cilic which I expect Murray to win, on and off with the court covers though...hope Wimbledon has better weather as I have most of the two weeks off.

Missed one of my club nights because of the weather at the local tennis club, was gutted! really enjoy it down there, different match every time as we swap over partners after one set.

Nearly won the legend of Horneris this week, 1 set all and im 5-3 up serving for the match...but yep I turned into a french tanker right at the end, to be fair he suddenly smashed some great winners at the important time, hit my best bank hand ever though which brought a "what the fk!" from the young maestro lol.

Another nice weeks trading in between work, and was suprised to see my smallish horse trades had added up to a nice figure...

Will post again during Wimbledon where I will be trading all of the first week, and then am off from the Wednesday of the 2nd week...looking forward to it!


  1. Hey sledge, good work on the tennis there... starting to get into it myself, maybe you could drop us an email and have a chat?.. im sure i can help you considerably with the horses if you can help me get going on the tennis?


  2. Hi m8, cheers have sent a message...

  3. cheers but i never got it?? maybe try it without the dot? ... failing that can get me on, sure your pretty busy this week but would be good to talk...