Wednesday, 29 May 2013

French Open 2013

Ahh Simona fancy getting rid of nature's gifts! still you have played a bit better this year ;)

So the French Open is well under way now and sadly but not surprising all the British hopefuls are out, Laura Robson really needs to put in more hard work I feel, she has the talent but has she got the raw hunger to get to the top?

Heather Watson has just recovered from illness so in the circumstances she did ok, Baltacha...hmm well good luck at Wimbledon!

A lot of one sided matches so far and its a bit painful coming in from work and been stuck with Fed or Williams just thrashing the next no chancer, much better when there is the red button choice of matches that you get with Sky (most tourneys) and the Beeb at Wimbledon...

Here's the last seven days trading...

A few reds in there but that's all part of sensible trading, taking the red and moving on to the next match/trade...its vital really, not to sit there and watch that red get bigger and bigger...just get out while you can!

Playing in New Earswick for Selby's tennis team this week, the score cant be any worse than last time! (not sure if my last partner is playing this time...) and hopefully the Saturday night beers in leeds wont affect it too much ;)

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  1. hey good going on the betfair trading front!! i'm also trying to have a go at this trading having played poker for years with mixtures of ups and downs