Monday, 20 May 2013

Clay Season

The clay season is leading up to its big tournament - the French Open and I can only see Nadal winning unless he gets some form of burnout, truly amazing since he has come back to win so many titles.

Murray has zero chance and his attitude has been awful recentley, to retire when he had just won the 2nd set must have burnt a lot of trading accounts, glad I was at work, why fight through the tie break then just retire..hmmm...but then to slag a Sky commentator off on his twitter account, well just not on imo.

In the Womens on her day Serena can beat anyone very easily, but if she has a bad day one of quite a few could have a chance, hopefully Laura Robson has a decent run...

Had another good week on the trading front...

Enjoy the sunday night golf when its the final round as people overreact on the leader even if he is just in the lead by one shot, put a lay in as they hit the back nine and hopefully there is the odd wayward shot so the odds shoot up, tennis has carried on been a good profit maker and am looking forward to the French starting on Itv/Eurosport this weekend.

Played in my first doubles match for Selby's team this Sunday, felt rough as was out on the Saturday till 1.30am and my partner (who i won 6-1 in singles the other week) was off form and they just constantly hit the ball at him, with that combination we managed 0-12, 0-12, 1-11 LOL! Still enjoyed it and having fun at the club nights played some mixed doubles this week, wow some women can actually play ;)

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