Saturday, 11 May 2013

Good Times!

Great news that 24 is going to make a comeback, the show needed a break but I never thought it would return, nice surprise out of the blue! hopefully they will try a bit of variation as it had got a bit samey in the last few seasons, imo though seasons 1-5 were the best tv ever!

Been having some great trading sessions aswell, taking the green's when I can and not getting greedy, of course a few times I could have left it and won a lot more but then on the flipside if I hadnt have greened up I would have had a large red, Murray V Berdych is a good example, took the green after having backed Murray, Berdych came back to win 2-0 so I was wise to get out, not one red over the last week at tennis and have managed to trade quite a few with a lot of the matches running into the evening...

Loving the tennis and have been to club night at Selby Tennis Club a few times now, some good people down there and people of all ages and skill levels, think I have over done it though as my left foot is constantly hot and painful now most of the time, I will fight through it though!

I see Bt Sports have got all the Wta tennis from next year, hopefully some better coverage as Eurosport are a bit hit and miss, prefer the Wta as much more swings in it so better for trading and like to cheer Laura Robson on who if she can sort her double faults out could move onto big things...

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