Sunday, 13 March 2011

If In Doubt Lay..

Did some nice tennis trades yesterday, laid Ferrer from the start and should have let it run a bit longer as he ended up losing, aswell as backing Del Potro when a set down...he came back to win.

But then came the BIG mistake laid Murray (or cretin for short) from near the start when 1.03 but then checked out the stats on Donald Young, world no 143 and should obv be easy for Murray, so I got out of my lay (sigh)...the other matches were on at this time so left it alone, a bit later I saw Murray lost the 1st set in a tiebreak, ahh higher odds to back, nice!

So I put a chunk on him and put the match on live on Sky, OMFG the complete and utter turd burgler was not even trying just like in a match last month, is his Mum or Brother trading him on Betfair? the odds moved fast and I had to take the red, its good that we have a British player in the top 10, keeps some interest in the sport over here, but this guy is like the Diouf of Tennis! ha anyway rant over...

One day I will catch one of these low lays full on from the beginning, until then I will keep backing cabbages...;)

One last quick rant, Betfair have been an abs disgrace this last few weeks, with Saturday downtime now been a regular thing, it was off for like 7 hours yesterday, with people losing £1000's through no fault of their own..sort it you monopoly mugs!


  1. lol this colour scheme hurts my eyes ffs lol... Keep up the good work...

  2. m8, these colours are a sight to behold, lol good to see you back and nice sensible trading I see over there...

  3. Actually its doing my frickin head in tbh so changed it a bit lol!!!

  4. yeah man , this is way better.....;-)) , much improved...quite calming in fact...Keep up the good work ;-)