Sunday, 10 April 2011

Golf - Us Masters

Had a hit and miss day trading the Tennis, layed Wozniacki but she was just too good vs Vesnina so only small profit on that one, but I messed the Nishikori v Sweeting match up, it was 4-0 to Nish in previous matches and he has played much better than Sweeting recentley...Nish started at 1.37 and I guess I should have layed him from the start and see what happened, in the end Sweeting won 2-0!

Bit peeved with that and saw that the final round of the Us Masters was underway, say that Rory was 1.99 and thought that was way too low with so many holes to play and various players not far behind I stuck in a lay. His odds went up but then they started coming down again and I bottled it a after that he made a massive crash and summed up my form at golf later Played around with the odds on a few others, but the main profit was from the demise of Rory, not bad for my first proper trade on Golf...

Monte Carlo Masters starts today, so lots of good tennis during the day, shame im at work for most of the week...;)


  1. Hi Sledge
    Now I am back blogging again please can you add me back to your list.



  2. Hi Andy, good to see you back, and nice in running racing trades...good stuff!