Thursday, 22 July 2010

Mostly Horses

Not many tennis trades this evening, and some missed chances, Davydenko started at 1.2 and I layed him then greened at 1.4 as he was expected to win...sigh those odds kept rising! would have been easy monies...

Carefully laying the faves after hours of study seems to be paying off (think donkey pinata), its just laying no backing.

Got holidays to cover in my part time job over the next few weeks, so not as much trading...


  1. Impressive daily profits you got going on there!!

    What's the system your using for the horses?


  2. Take a look at the faves, and lay them in play mostly if they look like they are false faves...other wise its donkey pinnata...;)

  3. Tks very much man. You should get stuck into PLO...sick game ;)