Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Solid Day

Started the day off with a game of Tennis against Sniper, the fellow blogger...turned out to be one of the best games we've had for a while, but alas Sniper felt ill in the second set due to hunger...so it ended up 6-4, 5-4 (ret), he was actually 4-1 up in the 2nd set! get them crisps down ya pre game m8!

Settled down to a days trading and it went nicely...picked off a few tennis games in the day, there were loads about as lots of lower tier comps were starting off, I try to only trade the ones with pictures after getting stung by a player retiring injured a bit back...all pretty straight forward and not much match fixing today...;)

Did a bit of my new TAZ system on the horses, this is just a trial period at the minute though...

Have also got a betfair program on my Htc Desire phone now so can get cracking on laying the donkeys while im out...

Todays trades on the left.

Total P&L: £135.45


  1. Hey sledge !!! Funny legend at profile"!!!!
    Dont fold too much cause reg will start stealing and floating you a lot.
    I play poker for a living and trying to learn trading. Im in the winner side of poker but loser side on trading.
    I hope we can make it !!! I think we can help eachother.
    I will be around , GOOD LUCK (is luck necesary?)

  2. Hola MofO ;-)...add me you fucker.. http://snipersnipes.wordpress.com/

  3. Hi Mr TynKyn, poker put me on life tilt a lot of the time, Trading is much more enjoyable especially if you actually enjoy the sports aswell...

    I probably fold way too much...lol!

    Good luck!