Thursday, 8 July 2010

Last 7 Days

Ahh well the Spanish made it, still not that impressed with the team as a whole...scraping too many 1-0 results and pretty boring a lot of the time, took a small loss on Germany in the 20th minute as I could see they were not playing like the other games, laid 0-0 a bit later and made a profit on the game.

Have had a good week, obv the Wimbledon result has helped, done ok on the horses but could have been so much better if a couple of lays had actually lost...;). Its quite funny when the experts go into so much detail about form, the course, trainer etc...then the outsider donkey romps home as usual, its not technical its a few beasts running in a field with some small fellas sat on em...lolz.

I enjoy the tennis the most, and been new to this, didn't realise how many comps there actually always some trading available...though you have to be careful as the underdog often wins in these lower tier comps.

Total P&L: £595.95 (last 7 days)

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