Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup Friday

One good game, one dull game...France deserve to come bottom after that performance! had bets on both games, and came out with £6.71! finding the football tough to trade on...but will crack on with the rest of the games, did well laying the horses today apart from one gremlin in the bunch when I lost £22 in one race...again I let it run when I should have got out, would have been a tonner day...:)

England match tomorrow, hopefully my doubts are proved wrong....but the same old Lampard/Terry/Gerrard/Piece Of Cole pants who have failed big time in the last few World Cups and Euros isnt giving me much hope, Joe Cole and Wayne Rooney are the vital players imo aswell as letting some of the lesser names have a go...oh and if Carrick starts I feel the Universe may combust...hes frikkin terrible.

Todays Result...Horse Racing/Tennis/Football

Total P&L: £84.40

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  1. great words on carrick proper made me chuckle!!good work