Saturday, 12 June 2010


Won £25 in the Korea match but then lost some on the Argie game, laid 1-0 when they scored early...pftt of course they couldn't convert any more, seen articles about trading correct score, over and unders etc, seems streesful and hard to me, but maybe im just rubbish...;)

The horses made up most of the profit with a bit of tennis, not betting on the England game...will just try and enjoy in the pub...

Total P&L: £58.94


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  2. couldnt agree more i lost half of my bank on sat on the england match didnt foolow my own advice!!

    out of interest on the horses do you trade in running or all pre race?

  3. Hi m8, b4 the race and the 1st bit of in race...can be very stressful!