Friday, 18 November 2011

Darts Update!

Late in tonight but have caught the first few dart matches ^^^

What a brilliant run I have been on, I am terrible at playing Darts...not too bad at trading it, although a big blow up will no doubt be on the horizon...

Cheers for your support Sniper, hope all is going well...time for our yearly christmas Selbyathon soon...:)

Here is the last few days, looks nice! yes I am singing when I am


  1. Blinding! Now some questions! ;-)

    Are you watching this on "normal" telly or Sky, sledge? And is it every week or just occasional? Liquidity good? Are you sitting there for long doing this?

  2. Hi m8, this was on Sky, with the lack of Tennis I was looking at other sports and saw this was on nightly on Sky for the week so decided to have a go at trading...

    I think the big comps are mostly monthly, the next big one near Christmas (Ladbrokes finals) so will be trading that one...the early rounds were the best when it was first to 5 legs, with a lot of matches in one evening, only sat as long as you wanted really, you can trade quickly in these games.

    I actually got into the darts as entertainment with some of the characters, ha im a darts fan!

  3. That's the problem for means watching darts! Aaaaaaaaargh!!

  4. Loving the darts results mate, makes for excellent reading , very well done.