Friday, 9 March 2012

Quality Darts

Well quality darts on the tv, but not my trading...parted with about £50 yesterday evening as I traded the darts or should I say gambled, have learnt that trading the Premier League darts is pretty tough. Its just too hard to predict as all the players are top notch, and dont even think about opposing Phil Taylor at the moment.

No tennis streams at all this week, starts on Sky tomorrow from Indian Wells, early round matches have been on without streams but I like to actually see what I am trading, not guessing on a delayed scoreboard where the player might have even retired while your still sat there looking at 30-30.

Wactched Tower Heist with Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller, after a promising start it turns into such a ridic farce with the biggest plot holes I have ever seen...shame.

Right off my first tennis of the year, off to play the mighty Sniper!

* 6-4 6-4 3-0(R)


  1. Yeah WP mate, im am dreadfully unfit and it will take , a new racket and a few more weekly sets to get up to scratch..;-)

  2. ...I need to find where my serve went aswell! good to get back on the court...