Monday, 29 November 2010

Breaking Out

So long time no post, working a lot of the time, but did have a few mishaps to be very careful with the tennis as blatant fixes still abound, cant remember the match now but I need to concentrate more, when a player is one set down but he is still the 1.3 fave!!! the writings on the wall...

Trading the horses has been the most profitable, smallish trades adding up and have recentley discovered an automated back to lay system on Fairbot, where I can put a back of say 700/1 and a lay of 30/1, this happens a lot in the tail end of races and if I can be quick on the green up button this would be sweet!

Football trading seems a lot of work, but have had some success, but think I will make my own way now rather than pay a subscription...

Have to mention the tv show Breaking Bad, abs amazing show and I have watched all 3 seasons in the last few weeks, its actually surpassed my faves 24 and Dexter with Seasons 2 and 3 having such brilliant twists and turns, you really never know whats coming next. Shocked that this hasnt had a good showing on the multitude of channels over here, buy it on Dvd or download asap imo!!!

Lots of snow here and one thing to say to about global warming and all the new green taxes on flights etc...LIB LAB CON!!!

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