Sunday, 19 September 2010

Footy Season

The Us Open turned into a small profit overall, my big green on Wozniacki failed as she flopped in the semis, was quite a shock! and my big greens in the mens both lost in the quaters, leading to a small win on Nadal.

Seem to have a bit of a wall at the horse trading, cant seem to make much pre race anymore, has it got tougher or am I doing something wrong...dunno. Obv lumping on or laying is still there, but would prefer to trade pre race if possible.

Have turned my attention to football as the season picks up pace, so many matches most days, so to get competent at football trading would be aok.

Having read a trading football service at I decided to join and looks good so far, I tried one of the ideas on the Doncaster v Leeds match, oh dear 0-0 which is never much good for trading, and the quality of the football was terrible, they should both be back in York Citys league!!!

One of the best things is the Webinar and the trading chat rooms, lots to learn!

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