Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Full House!

A crappy week at work...but a good weeks trading, hitting a full house with profits over 7 different sports (even just short of £2 at football lol). The main success personally has been the profits in the horse racing, most of this has been pre race and I am starting to finally get a feel on how the markets move, the £60+ loss was my own daft fault, when I left one to go in play and forgot and was browsing across the internet, flicked back to Fairbot and just caught the odds hitting 1.01 and a loss, of course I could have easily greened up if I had been paying attention!

Tennis has carried on been a great sport for trading and at least there are some evening matches to trade this week...

A few films watched recentley - The Dictator - crazy stuff and a lot of miss but when it hits some comedy moments

The Avengers - Wow expected better, non stop cgi action but I found it very boring as it was just like watching someone else play a videogame in cheat mode, you know they are invincible so whats the point?

Prometheus - A let down when compared to the amazing trailer and not really an Alien film, but still enjoyed it a lot as it was never predictable and made some interesting points about where mankind actually may have come from...

...and the return of Dexter has been great after last years abs terrible season, anything can happen now I guess!

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