Monday, 1 October 2012

E U R! E U R! E U R!

"E U R" its not got the same irritating tone as the shouts of "USA USA USA" but what a joyous comeback that was in the Ryder Cup, never thought they would make the full comeback, but obv the odds were too low with so many holes to play, got my lay in at 1.17 and of course in hindsight would have been great to just leave it, but later on the odds were flying all over the place and it was a straight coin flip so took a nice green when I could...

Made a bit last week on the tennis but not what I excpected and a lot of the matches were taking place at like 4am, and I couldnt resist my lie ins! same again this week with early morning stuff from China so will miss that while at work, made a mess this morning though backing Cilic in the third set and blew £60 which went against all my rules, just jumping into a game with no pics (just slow scoreboard)...thats why im still working as I get complacent and greedy and just fly in and think the greens will come...


So with not much tennis left this year i will try and get my head round the pre horse markets again...or maybe not lol...


  1. Nice hit mate , i laud usa just before woods took his putt at 1.22 and BooM lol...was great tho.

  2. Cheers m8, yeah great trading chances and crazy scenes...

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