Sunday, 10 February 2013

Still Winter?

Wow this winter seems to have gone on forever, funny the years fly by but it always seems to be cold and grim weather...really missing playing tennis now, hopefully March will bring some decent playing conditions.

Djokovic showed he was the boss at the Aussie Open and Murray was never really in it...did Novak let him win the US Open? :)

Gasquet Vs Paire in the French final today and Gasquet starting low at 1.31, will be putting in a lay there...Gassa has one of the best backhands in the game but normally starts a bit slow and Paire is no slouch am expecting a 3 setter...

Premier League Darts started this week and was an enjoyable selection of matches Van Gerwin as low as 1.02 but only managed a draw in the end vs Taylor, goes on for many weeks so will be following it and hoping to catch some of those low lays.

Film wise:

Silver Lining Playbook - Fantastic stuff, dont normally like this type of film but this one really hit home...

Wreck It Ralph - Ha family time! but as a massive 80s arcade gamer this was made for my generation aswell, guest spots from Pacman, Qbert, Street Fighter etc...brilliant and some fantastic end titles.

Life Of Pi - Great looking visuals (apart from the ridic Meerkat island) but very overrated slow paced and religious preaching. Will probably win all the oscars then...

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