Thursday, 13 September 2012

Us Open 2012 - Andy Murray

What a brilliant final, stayed up till the 2.30am finish and was well charped at work next day! When it got to 2-2 I thought Murray had blown it but he he fought really well and I had already greened up by then so all was good! Never thought this would be 3-0 to either player so had layed that in the set betting from the start...

Has been a fantastic few weeks tennis trading, also layed Woods in the golf which seems to be a good move these days as people just back him at low odds blindly whatever hes doing...

The smaller tennis tourneys that are on at the moment are looking good with plenty of swings with them been Wta, most of these women outisde the top 50 can barely serve!

Below is the last week which has been my best ever and even a green in the mugs field that is horse racing!

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