Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cracked It!

Oh hi der! after throwing away too much on silly horse trades not long after the last blog post I said sod it and didnt trade much, returned to lose another lay on the horses and I packed it all in for a while...

Started trading on the Fairbot simulation after that and tried a few things out, learnt a few things and returned with a new bank...since then my tennis trades have mostly gone to plan and have had a cracking few weeks, looking forward to the Us Open next week which may involve a few late nights!

Horse trading to me is the devils work but with so many chances every day and so many meetings I feel I have to find a way to make some money at it, I  see a new nags service starts next week which I may join for some inspiration...

I love the sport of tennis to play and watch so making money at it is pretty cool, have had some good matches vs Sniper recentley, injured myself at football about 11 weeks ago when I twisted my ankle, its never been the same since but strangely feels the best when im playing tennis...I end up limping in the hours after!

So im singing when im winning again...heres to more of that! lol!