Sunday, 9 October 2011

New Beginnings?

Well the Pokerstars profit attempt has not gone too well this last month, bad beat after bad beat and massive fields, so yesterday I gave up and put some money back on Betfair, along with the Berdych match this morning not a bad 24 hours, up a nice £141.83

No more leaving trades to run, the Berdych match would have been a good example...looked like Cilic was going to run away with it but i've seen it all before and sure enough Berdych took a 3-0 lead in the second set, thankfully I had already greened up. £50 wins on single matches are decent wins and i've come to appreciate that. Small trading wins on the Horses, mostly pre match with a couple of in play scares which I really should not get involved with, and a couple of big wins on the Rugby and Darts..(LOL).

Going back to the poker, as I had some money back on Betfair I entered a few mtts, back to some fairly normal size fields, and cashed in 3 of them with a nice result in a 10r (1r and add on) coming 3rd/790 for $! so with my final table last month on Party Poker, what is it with the ridic rubbish on Stars, still determined to at least get a decent final on there...and I will!

Film wise watched the most overrated film I have seen since The Dark Knight, pointless violence, long drawn out scenes with ridic silence, no story, no emotion, yet geeky critics are pulling their pants down over it...go figure...

The final episode of this seasons Breaking Bad tomorrow, brilliant show just gets better and better and puts films like Drive to shame, actually glad that the writer has decided to make next season (season 5) the last one so it will have a proper ending and not drag on and on like a lot of American shows...

Another full week at work as yet another member of staff on holiday! ah well hopefully some evening tennis to trade on but I think a lot of it is going to be early morning stuff...


  1. Brilliant cash with the poker vvwd mate , and a very solid return on the tennis, i will seriously start looking at that...its just that spend 10 hours a day " working " with my horses and i have to draw a line somewhere..i will try and find a way round this, its a work in progress at mo , but have been quite solid with my football trades this season so thats good , im just hoping that rob from oz is good to his word, if he is im looking at a solid $10-$15k per month on a two month trial....exciting times or pie in the sky....time will tell...
    However i do have all his betfair log in details to trade directly from his account with a rolling balance of £ thats a lot of trust to start..

  2. Cheers m9, £500k! wow serious? ship it to sledge imo!