Thursday, 30 June 2011

Greedy Bastards

Not traded much, only get Fridays off now at work (busy) when I do trade I do well on the tennis (still have messed up in some final sets, which I know to stay away from!) but give it back on stupid lays on the racing.

Full time trading seemed something to look at but what on earths the point when Betfair have now put up their premium charge up to 60%, ahh but that only affects 0.01% of punters or something...think again Mr Piggy, they've just worded it in a pro conman way, a fellow blogger says it much better than I can...check his latest post out...

With the last few years with Mp's expenses, banks gambling money away, big business cons all over the place, its pretty obvious the whole world is on the fiddle...I guess the average working guy is just a chump sheep, the latest disgrace are Full Tilt, my fave site for mtts and software have been playing dodgy greedy bastard all along, so one of the biggest and most "trustworthy" online poker sites is now actually offline without a license, still to pay millions back to Usa punters, and the rest of the world joining that queue, while Lederer and his fellow thiefs lap it up on some off shore island...

I think the riots in Greece and other places in the world are just the start...although the "xfactorers/eastenders" of the Uk will probably just eat another pie.


  1. grammatical should have just put.." the x-factor generation we live in "...;-))

  2. Haha I was been daft to go along with Eastenders...I thought you would have commented on the greed of Betfair/fulltilt etc rather than smacking me in the face with ya dictionary! ;)

  3. No doubt we are being f@cked from behind at every opportunity these days!!

    What have we done to deserve this world...WHAT!!

    Lay off mate