Thursday, 18 July 2013

Scorching Summer!

Wow its hot, not had a summer like this for a few years where day after day its blue skies...not enjoying the humid nights though, ah well best not moan as dark at 4pm and freezing crap will be here before we know it...sigh!

Great to see Andy Murray win Wimbledon, not always been a fan of his monotone interviews etc but he played great and Lendl has really turned things around with him, maybe it will get some younger people in this country into tennis aswell. My Selby Men's team match vs Stamford Bridge was very tough, but we had a good result away at Pocklington the following week where we won all three of our matches!

Back at work means I have missed quite a lot of the better tennis trading but had Tuesday off and had some good results...

Have been watching The Sopranos from the beginning and have just finished the first season, good stuff though it took me a bit to get into, not up there with Breaking Bad and 24 imo but you can see it was a big influence and am looking forward to the rest of it...

Have not played much online poker this year, but had another crack at Pokerstars which with the big fields is very tough, but had a nice result coming 3/1360 for $ was an $8.80 turbo rebuy and was a bit crazy in the first hour but got a decent stack and ran pretty well from there, 3 handed had ak v kk and hit an ace on the turn, his river flush was a bit of a Percy Thrower though lol, but cant moan at the end dollerage.

Might have a go at a few of the Betfair poker tourneys as they have quite a few good ones now as the site has got bigger with a few merging on Ipoker, but will still concentrate on the tennis trading...


  1. duuude been trying to find your emails on all accounts... still not found :O really would bew good to talk try it without the . also

  2. want to get into tennis trading myself
    do you know any good articles I can read up on to get some ideas?

  3. Hi there, one of my fave blogs written by The Sultan has just added a great q & a article...take a look at:

    Some great advice there...